Joining Form for Interns

Attention: Only Selected Candidates for the Internship-cum-Training Program are suggested to submit this form!

    : 1 October 2022 to 1 November 2022.

    I, hereby declare that,

    1. I agree to all the terms and conditions given for the ‘Interns’ on the official website which is ‘’.
    2. I will follow the instructions given by the Organisation and act in good faith for the Organisation.
    3. I will not share any confidential details about the Organisation with anyone without proper permission.
    4. All the work submitted by me during this period will be uniquely prepared by me and it will be my original work that does not breach any existing Copyright Laws.
    5. I transfer all the necessary Copy Rights to the Organisation.
    6. All the work submitted by me is the property of the Organisation and I will not share, publish, or distribute it to others.
    7. I am aware that, I will not receive any monetary benefit for my work.
    8. I have been promised by the Organisation that, I will receive the Certificate of Internship on successful completion of my tenure.
    9. I will abide by the details specified above and all the information given by me are true to the best of my knowledge.

    (Draw your Signature in the Given Box)