About us



VidhiNama is an all encompassing platform for legal fraternity committed to providing helpful, credible, and authoritative information. Our main aim behind this initiation is to provide credible source of information to everyone in legal fraternity.

The word ‘VidhiNama’ is made up of two words, ‘Vidhi’ and ‘Nama’. The word ‘Vidhi’ means ‘Law’ and the word ‘Nama’ means ‘paper/publication’ in Sanskrit and Hindi language. Therefore, the word ‘VidhiNama’ signifies ‘law publication or publication of law’.

Our Vision

Our main aim and vision is to provide free to access, authoritative, credible, and helpful ‘DIGITAL LEARNING AND RESEARCH RESOURCE’ for legal fraternity in India. We believe that quality legal education and research should be freely accessible to everyone and towards this end, we will provide research articles relating to law, case analysis, compendium of all major law subjects, and legal updates on our portal which will be immensely helpful to all.

Our Objectives

  • To provide free to access ‘Digital Learning and Research Resource’ to legal fraternity in India.
  • To provide authoritative platform for academic and semi-academic writing relating to law for students, researchers, academicians, and professionals.
  • To spread awareness about law in every section of society in India.

Thank You.